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GFC X Dutch Design Week

The Green Future Club presents a curated exhibition of sustainable innovations within the fashion, interior & materials sector. It is a line-up of prototypes, material(-experiment)s & innovative solutions by promising designers, who want to enter & change the market with sustainable alternatives.

Experience the Green Future Club

The Green Future Club has an international network of over 6000 sustainable industry experts, designers, manufacturers, material developers, media partners & investors - all dedicated to the transformation to a more sustainable economy.

The Green Future Club has brought together for DDW a selected group of sustainability experts & upcoming young designers supported by the IKEA Stiftung to showcase a combination of industrial applications & speculative designs altering the future.

For the 10th time the Club organizes two sustainability awards - the Green Concept Award focused on students & fresh graduates & the Green Product Award for start-ups & companies. Its Altering Futures Exhibition is curated from the Award’s 2022 winning projects & upcoming preview of the 2023 nominees with their designers on location to inspire and initiate matchmaking.

Design experts from the Club’s partner institution, Hessen Design e.V. known for its competence, advisory & mediation centre for design in Hessen contributes with winners of their design competition.

The Club’s Green Trend Book 2022 is available too with 84 selected winning projects from its 13 award categories for further green trends.

Altering Futures Exhibition

The exhibition is dedicated to the circular economy within fashion, interior design & new materials focusing on three central themes:

Sustainable fashion production: Submerging into modern technological advancements of the leather alternative supply chain, the exhibits touch upon material selection, traceability, dyeing technology, product design, recycling & end-of-life circular solutions. Discover thermal responsive inks, mycelium digesting textiles & recycling textile waste.

Living Interior: Challenging the status quo of the indoor generation, a new generation of living interior & eco-logical objects are displayed. Mycelium acoustic panels, tables & chairs, room divers made of hemp, flax and rPET, breathing facades & flexible solar panels are the next green interior items.

Rematerializing: Recirculating materials to new physical formats either from natural, synthetic or waste-based ingredients. Creative prototypes include furniture from apple skins, baby products from walnut shells, hangers from molasses, wall panels from banana stems & colours from turmeric by-production. Recycled plastic chairs, acoustic panels and flooring solutions.

Read more about the exhibitors on the Dutch Design Week website.

Join the green community

For networking: The Green Future Club accepts membership applications all year around. Members benefit from knowledge-exchange, networking, co-creation, access to talents & investment options, reduced fees for Award submissions.

For recognition: The international Green Product Award distinguishes products & services, good in sustainability, innovation & design once a year, while the Green Concept Award is aimed at young designers, start-ups & established companies with sustainable products, services & materials that are not (yet) on the market.

The Awards with submissions from 50 countries raise the awareness of more than 7 million people a year via the Award Gallery, public voting, social media channels plus national & international partner publications, trade fairs & exhibitions. Applications can be submitted until 7 November 2022.

For support: With the Green Cells program co-founded by the IKEA Stiftung, young designers get support to develop concepts for sustainable products or services with a business case to prepare for investors & critical questions from press. The Club organizes exhibitions & matchmaking events to connect award participants, members & interested parties.


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