Green Cells Program

The Green Future Club is committed to a near future where all products are sustainable. The mission is to bring together the best people to accelerate the sustainable development of materials, products and services.

With the Green Cells program, enrolled in collaboration with the IKEA Stiftung, young designers get support to develop concepts for sustainable products or services with a business case to increase their chances within the Green Concept Award.


Selected Award participants will receive further support to develop their concepts, communication & will join the networking among club members.



How we work: Workshops take place digitally on Tuesdays from16.30-18.00 CEST. Participants work on their projects and hand in results until Fridays 12.00 CEST. We provide interim feedback until 18.00 CEST. Participants refine projects until the next workshop and present results for further feedback.



This workshop-series is dedicated especially to young designers, who already have an idea or a concept for a sustainable product and who are aiming to showcase a prototype at the Dutch Design Week 2022 (October 22-30th). The Green Future Club will exhibit selected concepts from the Awards on 25sqm at the famous Yksi Expo in Eindhoven.


July 12th      Toolkit introduction based on an example

July 19th       Presentations by participants & feedback, 2nd part of Toolkit introduction

July 26th       Pitch deck introduction

Aug. 2nd      Pitch deck presentations, feedback & certificates

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Aug. 4th        Early Submission to the Green Concept Award

Aug. 8th        Selection of projects participating at the exhibition during Dutch Design Week

Aug. 16th      Toolkit introduction based on an example

Aug. 23rd      Presentations by participants & feedback, 2nd part of Toolkit introduction

Aug. 30th       Pitch deck introduction

Sept. 6th        Pitch deck presentations, feedback & certificates

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Activities are in preparation.



Oct. 22-30th  Exhibition of selected green concepts from the Awards on 25 sqm at Yksi Expo for the Dutch                              Design Week 2022 in Eindhoven.



Nov. 7th         Final deadline for submissions to the Green Concept Award.

Nov. 9.-10th   Design meets industry matchmaking: The Greener Manufacturing Show, Plastic Waste   

                       Free World Conference & Expo.



Green Concept Award
Test your Green Cells Program’s idea in front of an international jury panel by submitting it to the Green Concept Award. Thanks to the support of the IKEA Stiftung, students and graduates can participate in the Green Concept Award free of charge. 


Submit your project at the Green Concept Award website.



The Sustainable Business Model Design - Toolkit is an 8-step process for developing sustainable product and service concepts with a basic business model. It is aimed to creators, who want to create impactful sustainable projects. It was developed by the Green Future Club director, Nils Bader in cooperation with the German Institute for Sustainability- and Quality management. and has been successively developed since then. 

> Download SBMD-Toolkit

Presentation/Pitch deck
Presenting a concept to the public to collaborators, partners, supporters or investors is pretty different from documenting the design process. That is why we have developed a separate presentation guideline that provides guidance on how to integrate, modify and supplement the toolkit's documentation.

> Download Presentation-guide



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