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The vision is a (near) future in which all products are sustainable.



Nils Bader

Founder and director of the Green Future Club is Nils Bader, who is also the initiator of the Green Product Award as well as the Green Concept Award. During the many years of running the two awards, the realization has matured to network the participants and interested parties in order to create synergies (as well as) bring together the skills, knowledge and experiences of the participants.


Therefore, the Club's mission is to catalyze the exchange of international stakeholders. In an active, open and cooperative collaboration, the Club pursues the following goals:


- a cross-industry knowledge exchange

- application and testing of new processes

- exchange between young creatives and experienced experts

- joint development of sustainable lighthouse projects

- knowledge transfer for & promotion of talents

- support of green start-ups in their development

- building up an international collection of sustainable products and concepts

- dissemination of sustainable products and services

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