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The Green Future Bag

The Green Future Bag, a collaboration between the Green Future Club and the 2024 Green Product Award nominees and winners, signifies a collective effort toward positive environmental change. Comprising 12 thoughtfully selected items from eco-friendly gadgets to inventive designs, each item represents a step forward in the journey toward a greener future. 

The debut of the goodie bag is the Green Product Awards 2024 Ceremony & Summit on April 30th in Berlin, where the community of nominees, embassy representatives, jury, press and media partners will meet - all influencers in the best sense of the word. 

The Green Future Bag not only carries items of value but also embodies the spirit of collaboration and progress. It serves as a reminder that small actions, when combined, can lead to significant change. The recipients are invited to join this action by sharing their goodies and tagging us via the following social media platforms:

Facebook: gpaward

Twitter GP_Award

Pinterest gpaward


Recycled Green Future Bag

Pure Waste Textiles oy's tote bag is made from recycled cotton and recycled plastic bottles. It used 99% less water and 50% fewer carbon emissions compared to a tote made from virgin materials.

Cradle magazine

Award partner CRADLE is Germany's leading print/online platform for everyone who is driving ecological change in the areas of architecture and design as well as building and living.

so-isi Notebook Britta Kratz und Elke Leipf GbR’s so-isi Notebook is a plastic-free notebook that can be painted on. It offers a creative and eco-friendly way for self-expression, especially for children.

Vitaboni Coffee Capsules Vitaboni Coffee Capsules are home compostable and filled with organic fair trade coffee by Passion Foods GmbH. Enjoy your favorite brew guilt-free designed to fit Nespresso machines.

Paperpaste Sneaker

Paperpaste offers a sustainable alternative with its nature-based composition made from cellulose. PASQUAL ARNELLA’s unique molding technique allows for versatile shaping, making it an innovative choice for eco-conscious creators.

Patella Crescenda Microgreens House of Thol provides natural sprouting sets for growing fresh organic microgreens at home year-round, requiring no electricity or complex setups. Its durable components reduce waste and plastic packaging.

Dr. Bauer’s Zahnliebe

Dr. Bauer's Zahnliebe revolutionizes dental care with grass paper packaging, straw toothbrushes, and castor oil bristles, dentorado Handelsgesellschaft mbH minimizes plastic usage and water consumption by 90%.

TePe Choice™ Toothbrush

TePe Choice™ toothbrush from TePe D-A-CH GmbH features a reusable wooden handle and three interchangeable brush heads, crafted from certified renewable materials like Swedish beech wood and castor oil.

Propolis Skincream

The Propolis Antioxidant Cream by Propolise skincare, made in North Wales, utilizes propolis from native Welsh honeybees with a novel extraction process that maximizes natural antioxidants.


Holy Pit GmbH presents its refillable ROLL-ON DEO, saving up to 95% plastic waste. Vegan, German-made, with anti-bacterial and anti-odour formulas, it's your sustainable choice.


FibreStrap from EVLR International AB, a sustainable cable tie, replaces fossil-based plastics with patented wood fibre technology. Its strength and recyclability make it ideal for packaging.

Conscious Confetti

Candy Converters’ Conscious Confetti offers biodegradable, water-soluble confetti made from wafer paper sourced from food industry residue for eco-friendly celebrations both indoors and outdoors.

caju Cashew Snacks

Caju cashew snacks are naturally vegan, gluten-free, crafted from carefully selected organic ingredients and processed locally in Togo by Togocashews GmbH.


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