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Design preview & breakfast at Dutch Design Week

The Green Future Club breakfast during the Dutch Design Week will offer exchange with and insights of young designers and their sustainable products and futuristic concepts!

Start the week with a breakfast and enjoy selected nominees of the Green Concept Award 2023 pitching their concepts as part of our Green Cells program - co-funded by the IKEA Stiftung.

Take an exclusive guided tour to explore more than 20 sustainable design-innovations. Exhibits are sourced from the Green Product Award, The Green Concept Award and the Hessen Design Competition.


9:00 – 9:20 Onboarding

9:20 – 9:30 Welcome speeches Nils Bader, Director of Green Future Club

Cornelia Dollacker, Manager & Curator Hessen Design

9:30 – 10:15 Design-Pitches

re•born - Lara Baler

re•born is a collection of fully biodegradable baby items that can be discarded guilt free or simply planted, providing nutrients for the soil. Using local organic waste source, walnut shells, re•born aims to educate kids about tactility and materiality.

Frumo - Mareen Baumeister

Frumo is a sustainable material made from food waste & natural resin to create flooring and furniture. It can be moulded under the influence of high heat. By adding some Frumo granulate and applying heat, any damaged surface can be fixed.

A Matter of Fruit - Verena Brom

A Matter of Fruit develops versatile compostable materials from industrial juice press residues. It is a non-toxic alternative to fossil fuel-based plastic. Press residues from the Berlin/Brandenburg area is used in short to medium term applications, e.g.: in the event sector.

Myamo - Katharina Querbach

Myamo are modular acoustic panels out of Mycelium-material, a fungi-based material that is 100 percent biodegradable and has a high-performance sound-absorbing property. The modular system allows individual design of a relief-like overall picture.

Plycell - Mai Thi Nguyen & Philip Duncan

With Mycomerge all the components can be grown. It acts as a multi-layer biobased component and is able to carry a load beyond 20 times its weight. The product is fully biodegradable, hence fulfils the requirements of the circular economy.

cellular & IN BETWEEN - Vivian Tamm

Cellular is a water-storing facade tile that turns any vertical, urban space into an algae garden while IN BETWEEN is a modular surface system of sensitive solar cells that respond to sun impulses through their material intelligence. In the sense of heliotropism, the bending force of a bimetal animates sun exposed modules to independently straighten up.

The Purhyphae project - Annah-Ololade Sangosanya

Textile waste is used as a raw material for the growth of fungus! Mycelium was grown on a mix of textile (natural and synthetic) and coffee waste, which colonized the substrate and partially digested it. The remaining undigested textile fibers act as a reinforcement.

Followed by a private guided tour through the exhibition.

Green Future Club Press Contact

Katja Silbermann

About the Green Future Club

The Green Future Club is a network of sustainable innovators and experts with a vision of a near future, where all products are sustainable. The Club runs awards, exhibitions, networking-events, supports young designers and releases the yearly Green Trend Book with international best practices. Members benefit from knowledge-exchange, networking, co-creation, access to talents & investment options, reduced fees for Award submissions.

About Hessen Design e.V.

Hessen Design e.V. is a competence, advisory and mediation centre for design in Hessen that makes outstanding design achievements visible in their entire cultural, social and economic spectrum. As a design guidance centre, the association supports the implementation of design promotion by the state of Hessen and promotes networking between designers of all design disciplines, universities, institutions, professional and industrial associations and companies. The state-wide orientation of the association provides up-to-date industry information and a competent network of experts in Hessen's cultural and creative industries. The diverse annual programme of Hessen Design e.V. provides important orientation and decision-making aids for all design-relevant questions in a social and economic context.


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