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GFC X Dutch Innovation Days

The Sustainable Coffee Lounge is our new exhibition format that offers both a meeting place and as an expo of sustainable, innovative exhibits.

The project is inspired by the idea that a coffee shop provides a special atmosphere meeting to get to know each other, exchange ideas or develop joint plans or partnerships in a public, yet intimate atmosphere. To this end, the space is fully equipped with sustainable exhibits, all of which come from the Green Product Award fund, which has been awarded annually since 2013. Some of these have a concrete application (room dividers, chairs, coffee,...) others - especially prototypes - invite you to discover sustainable projects.

What would a lounge be without a host? This is the Green Future Club with its members. Insights on projects, talks, guided tours and workshops and sometimes even coffee are offered here.

The project is aimed at visitors from companies, start-ups, investors, designers and researchers to the general public.

The very first stop is at the Dutch Innovation Days from 11 to 13 May as part of the EXPO; It's in our Nature (Korte Hengelosestraat 1 7511 JA Enschede).

Here, visitors have the opportunity to learn about sustainable materials, interiors, fashion, consumer goods and sustainable design in general.

Explore what the present and future hold through 30 curated sustainable works. Discover the depth of hemp used as a cladding material or alternative solutions for interiors made entirely of paper, recyclable materials or 3D printing technologies. New materials such as walnut shells, oyster shells or recycled textile waste turned into sunglasses. See the work of the next generation of young designers, where living organisms like fungi take on the role of chair designer, create shoe soles or make paint. See how self-healing surface materials are created from apples and many more exciting innovations.


At the stand

11.5. Marije - No Footprinthouse

12.5 Ulrike Kähler - IGEDO Exhibitions

On stage

On 11 May 15:15 - 15:45 Nils Bader, the founder, will give the talk "From idea to market" on the Insider stage - Grote kerk (Oude Markt 32 7511 GB Enschede).

Secure your ticket here.


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