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Recycled bottles replace polyurethane foam

VANK_rPET is a sustainable sound-absorbing panel, which replaces non-circulating panels made of polyurethane foam. rPET is made of post-consumer nonwoven polyester, that is formed into a dimensionally stable shape using innovative forming technology.  The waste generated by end users, mainly PET bottles, is recycled and reused later on. This way, VANK will not create demand for new resources. PET is a product of recycling — and is recyclable at the same time. Grey panels are manufactured in 4 shapes: diamond, wave, smooth, ellipse and can be covered with colorful upholstery such as biodegradable wool. They are the basis of sound absorbing screens-partitions and acoustic pods or can be mounted on walls in offices, public places or houses.

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VANK Sp. z o.o.

Anna Vonhausen

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