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Let's design the future

The Green Future Club is a network of sustainable industry experts, designers, manufacturers, material developers, media representatives, investors,... dedicated to the transformation to a sustainable economy. 

​The vision is a (near) future in which all products are sustainable.


The club's mission is to catalyze the exchange of international actors.


Club Achievements



years Award organization



million people inspired



supported students



participating countries



sustainable awards


To implement the club's mission, various following activities are carried out to promote change.

"Green Product & Concept Award"

Since 2013, the international Green Product Award honors sustainable, innovative products & services.

"Green Cells Program"

The program supports young creative people in the development and elaboration of sustainable product and service concepts.

"Green Trends Book"

The Green Trend Book is published every year with trends and project examples, member portraits, interviews and much more.

"Meet the makers"

Events on selected topics, where excellent actors with sustainable solutions provide the impetus for a productive exchange of experiences and joint projects.

"Exhibitions & Events"

Organization of exhibitions for fairs, design festivals and other events. For the implementation, the club holds a sustainable and modular exhibition system for showcases from 20 to 500 square meters.

"Green Jobs"

Exclusive access for members to the award participants opens up opportunities for attracting new talent. Where else can you see a sustainable work sample better than with young award participants?

"Innovation Journeys"

These trips are an active and guided cooperation format for the development of sustainable lighthouse projects.


During the annual summit, club members gain insights into sustainable innovations and access to their creators. 

"Green Venture Days"

The regular events offer club members exclusive access to sustainable pre-seed and early-stage start-ups in the award network.


Do you want to be part of the sustainable transformation?


Membership in the Club is only possible by invitation or after an application and appropriate proof of suitability.

Club members benefit from participation in a variety of activities and discounts when participating in the Green Product & Concept Award.

Are you interested in a club membership? Here you can create a profile to start the application process.


If you have any questions in advance, please contact us by email at


Membership Fees



<10 employees

<1 M turnover

500€ / year

50% discount on

Award Submission Fee

Portait in Trend Book



<50 employees

<10 M turnover

1500€ / year

50% discount on

Award Submission Fee

Portait in Trend Book



<250 employees

<50 turnover

3000€ / year

50% discount on

Award Submission Fee

Portait in Trend Book



>250 employees

+50 M turnover

On request

50% discount on

Award Submission Fee

Portait in Trend Book

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